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Yona Essig

Yona Essig


2013-current:  King’s College London

Ph.D. in School of Biomedical and Health Science                                                                                                                               

Metallothioneins (MTs) are small metal-binding proteins lacking aromatic amino acids and containing a high proportion of cysteines. MT’s play a major role in heavy metal detoxification The C. elegans genome contains two different MT isoform, both are induced by heavy metals in the gut. In addition,  MT-1 (but not MT-2) is constitutively expressed in the lower bulb of the pharynx. Metallothioneins are important in protecting the organism against Cadmium and Zinc toxicity. My PhD aims to unravel the isoform-specific mechanisms in metal handling.


2009-2012: Universität zu Lübeck, Germany

B.Sc. in Molecular Life Science

Thesis:  Micro particle in effusion: proof and activity (Clinic for Haematology and Oncology)                               


20112012: Leonardo Fellowship 



2013-2014: Practical teaching assistance, King’s College London

2013: Visiting Researcher at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Menlo Park, USA

2011-2012: Internship in Toxicogenomics, King’s College London

2011-2012: Laboratory Assistant, Universitäts Klinikum Schleswig Holstein (UKSH), Germany

2011: Internship, Centre of Clinical Research, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany

2010-2011: Teaching Assistant,  Department of Biology, Universität zu Lübeck, Germany


King's College London

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  • Analytical and Environmental Science Division
  • 150 Stamford Street
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